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    I am a student of Masters in English, from Calcutta, India, and a content writer since 2011.

    I have an internship done in the Technology field with Ecumenical News, New York. In these 5 years, having worked with various clients, I have mastered many niches including but not limited to:

    • Basic web page content
    • Gadgets ¬†and Automobiles
    • SEO and SMM
    • Online Marketing
    • Health and Beauty
    • Lifestyle
    • Fitness
    • Technology
    • Real Estate
    • Product description and promotion¬†

    My hobbies include reading European Classics, trying different cuisines, watching movies, and proofreading anything and everything I get hold of.

    I prefer playing outside with children to making small talk with adults. I love pets.


    • Hourly Rate: $6.00/h
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    • Experience: 5 years
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    • Country: India